February 26, 2009:

Each of our vineyard soils shapes the wine that comes from it. This is the essence of terroir. The soil of Seven Hills, at the south end of the Valley, is Ellisford Silt Loam. This soil is “lighter”—meaning it has a higher sand content and less clay (11%)—than the soils closer to the winery. This soil structure provides very high-tone floral aromatics and beautiful red fruits. The wine’s structure mirrors that of the soil, being less tannic and quite feminine. Both Loess and Mill Creek Upland Vineyards are made up predominately of Walla Walla Silt Loam. This soil is very deep, heavier (18% clay), but still very well drained. The soil’s impact on the wine imparts black fruits, very dense structure, and masculine fine-grained tannins.