Winter 2011:

For more than 30 years, my family has been producing wines of consistently high quality at Leonetti Cellar, driven by the vision of my parents and founders, Gary and Nancy Figgins. What started as a dream to make world class wines in Walla Walla, became a true success story. Now, my role is to continue to evolve that vision at Leonetti while leading the charge for the next generation of Walla Walla vintners in the same way my father inspired the generation before me. We are dedicated to growing, producing, and marketing wine and food of worldclass quality, sustainability, and pedigree. Our pursuit of excellence in viticulture and winemaking is uncompromising, which allows our brands to reflect the deep sense of place and connection to the land that inspires our family on a daily basis. Three generations of Figgins'—Nancy and Gary (Founders), Chris and Amy (son and daughter), Raegan and Scarlett (granddaughters).